Kate Lipkis has been working in communication dynamics for more than 40 years.  She is a former award-winning advertising copywriter, home-birth midwife’s assistant, and environmental activist.  She discovered council in 1999, when it was a regular practice at her daughter's middle school.  As a certified trainer, mentor and council consultant with Council in Schools (now Circle Ways) she helped establish programs in five public schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District, as well as introducing council to new audiences -- at the annual Bioneers Conference in northern California, through the Center for Council's Social Justice Council Project and Inmate Council Program, via an annual Mother Daughter Council Retreat, and during weekend trainings in the U.S. and in Australia.  Kate has been a member of the Council of Advisors for The Ojai Foundation and sits on the Trainers Mentoring Circle (TMC), which shepherds both mentors and those they guide on the path to becoming council trainers in The Ojai Foundation tradition.  At her home in Venice, she offers day-long explorations of council and all its forms, a monthly drop-in council for practitioners and the "council curious," and two year-long council adventures. One uses the universal medicine wheel as a framework for navigating our individual and collective journeys. The other turns a humane and practical eye on our relationship to that unavoidable transition - our own death - and its inevitable, predictable effect on those we love. You can find out more about these offerings here.

Kate has lived in Australia, in England and in the United States and has traveled extensively in Europe and south-east Asia. She has two adult children whose lifework and passion embrace the council practice they were introduced to in their formative years.

Kate has quested with Peer Spirit, and her practice is informed by participation in the rites of passage programs and teachings offered by the School of Lost Borders.  Her husband is Andy Lipkis, founder and president of TreePeople.

She is licensed to perform marriage ceremonies and believes that council can and should be an integral part of life's passages - from blessingways, to b'nai mitzvahs and confirmations, for the transition times through the school and college years, for weddings, illnesses, divorces, life partner and family challenges and, during and after the ultimate transition, as a healthy and inclusive way to embrace grief.  Please contact Kate for more information on how to bring council practice into your life.