Kate and Phoebe created a beautiful setting for mothers and daughters to reflect on their relationships: the bright shining moments and the wondrous wild ones. It was a heart-opening weekend, surrounded by nature and nurturing.  ~HKW

I felt closer to my teenage daughter than I had in months. We saw life from each other's eyes for that wondrous weekend, like some spiritual Freaky Friday movie.  ~RL

Mothers bonded with mothers over the deep aches and joys of motherhood. It was comforting to share the secrets, sometimes shame and selfishness, and pride of raising a daughter.  ~RL

What a gift! Definitely one of the most memorable weekends I've ever spent with my mom. It was a joy to bond with other mothers and daughters too!  ~GK

When we first met, I (as usual) sized up the women arriving, and made judgments about which individuals looked interesting and approachable and those I was sure would not be open and friendly. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Again and again, those I thought would be formidable, were not...Very good lesson for me, just for starters.  ~JS

Many thanks for presenting many different ways/opportunities to get acquainted, trusting, open, respecting and much encouraged with some good fun and all the wonderful beauty everywhere. Will always remember learning about others - and myself. ~ MSK

What a beautiful weekend! Thank you for creating the space to authentically acknowledge and forgive the pain of our past and embrace the beautiful story of our present. Thank you for helping us recognize the strong roots, while also helping us see each other's individuality more clearly. Kate and Phoebe, you provided undeniable confirmation of the power of council and heartfelt communication. Thank you for the bravery and commitment it takes to bring this important relationship into the light for us all. ~ TF

AWESOME weekend! I want my gfs to come next year. The retreat was essentially flawless. ~ KMC

I returned to my home much more reflective and very proud (even though I thought I already was) of my daughter as she emerges into adulthood. I enjoyed seeing us "outside" our usual perimeters. It was very rich for me. Thank you for such a successful time for all. ~ JS


That gesture council … what a good process for learning!  ~ TD

I felt my world open up to ways of incorporating what I try and practice in my personal life, into my work life.  ~JP

The activity of communicating love to each person came at the perfect time, opening our hearts and creating support for a safe container in which we could discuss uncomfortable subjects.  ~CR

Silent Council was a magical experience! I felt barriers between me and my colleagues disintegrate. It was a surprisingly intimate and affirming activity.  ~CB

 I loved learning to listen with an open heart. I am so guilty of forming my own words in my head when someone is talking.  ~AL

As I become more skilled, being able to design and use a good prompt is going to be great for getting my community groups talking and sharing, which in turn allows me to start pulling out their strengths and build cohesive teams.  ~ CI

I feel equipped now to use council to set the mood and intention of any training. I've already used it and there was an immediate shift in the room.  ~JT


I must say there are two things I just LOVE about circle: one is the speaking from the heart… it happened last week when I almost feel like someone else is speaking for me, the words are coming from my chest more than my head and it feels like it's the first time I am hearing the words, not pre thunk or filtered, just spilling out… almost like another version of me is speaking… I love that!! 

The other thing I can’t get enough of is the witness round, so very powerful hearing your own words coming back at you and also being able to offer that up for others… I do get caught up trying to memorize the exact words to give back to people sometimes, but then when I just relax and remind myself to trust that they will come back if / when needed I can keep listening!! ~MW