Jump in! The water’s fine.

Jump in! The water’s fine.



If you’re hungry to sit in more, longer, perhaps deeper councils – a council that goes more than one round, a council that doesn’t have to stop because time is up, a circle that honors the emergence of collective wisdom -- consider attending this day. We’ll spend our time exploring different Council forms, activities, openings, and closings, and we’ll deepen or begin new friendships. Sign up just to participate, sign up to facilitate the big circle or smaller circles, add your favorite activities to the agenda, request council forms or games you’ve heard of and want to experience.

There’ll be games, walks and swimming (for the braver souls.) Council trainers receive a 50% discount. Those who’ve attended a Council training receive a 10% discount.

Hours: 10am – 6pm. Please bring a potluck dish to share or a brown bag lunch. Register here or contact Kate with your questions.